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Chapter 7

Reading for Week 7. Book: Sense of Sociability, Chapter: 7

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SS7: Regions, Nations, and Empires Introduction Every region, nation or empire is defined by political, ecological, economic, social and cultural units. Nations are political units, when the nation and state dont agree conflict can arise (Quebecois, Basques, USSR). Regions are both political, jurisdictional but are better understood as geographical, ecological, economic, social, cultural units. Regions tend to be uni-ecologically. Whether divide by a physical, jurisdictional boundary, regions share environmental factor which leads to cultural similarities. USCanadian maritimes; fishing. Central plains; agricultural. Mountain regions; resource extraction, etc. This can explain the similarities in attitudes between AmericansCanadians. The 9 nations of N.A by Garreau and The 4 societies of CanadaUS argues for similarities. Both; historic similarities, history of settlement result in socialcultural similarities, just like environment, which determines the economy. Bottomline: a common ecology produces similar economic activities, which result in similar lifestyles and attitudes. Lipset; the US is diff than Canada, Britain and Australia cuz of revolution. Historical heritage as well, as british colonies. Important to consider both Nations and Regions. Important features that they show worth discussing; 1 . Analyze units according to whether they are powerful central units or peripheral units. (maritimes to ONQC, and ONQC to NY) 2 . Exchange (large scale flows of ppl, good, $, info) and Domination. The source of capital, goods, decisions are the Centre, the recepients are the periphery Conflicts arise due to: (1) inequalities of powerwealth. And (2) ecological, cultural and social differences divide ppl. Opportunities for Co-operation across the line Music (during 1945-1990; cold war), scientists, sports, etc. www.notesolution.com
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