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Chapter 9

Reading for Week 8. Book: Social Problems, Chapter: 9

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SP9: Health Issues Aronowitz; framing disease, social patterning of health and subjectivism. Framing phenomena. Thomas Dictum; what we believe to be true is true in consequences Medical Sociology; examines the social context of health, illness and health care. (social factors that promote illness and contribute to health inequalities). Defining and Measuring health Definitions of health and illness Biomedical view of medicine; western view of medicine; health as passive, illness as active process requiring treatment. treat patient rather than disease. Well being; state of existence characterized by happiness, satisfaction, etc Health, state of physical, mental and social well-being Overall, there is a biopsychosocial view of health and illness. Measuring healthillness Epidemiology; examines causes, distribution and control of disease in populations. Epidemiologist use indicators of health to examine different societies. Men catch up to women in life expectancy (as quantitative indicator of health). Also use, mortality rates (deaths1000), maternal mortality rates. Infant mortality rate (deaths under 1yo1000 live births) and U5MR. Morbidity rates (extent of disease in populations, incidence or prevalence). Terms; endemic (constantly present), epidemic (localnational outbreak) or pandemic (international). Threat to Canadian and Global Health www.notesolution.com
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