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Chapter 7

Reading for Week 9. Book: Social Problems, Chapter: 7

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SP7: Crime and Violence Victimization and fear of crime can be traumatic and reduces trust for social institutions, reduces social cohesion too. Crime will increase as social inequality increases. Clear: prisons teach crime and harden criminals crime control theater; when it comes to crimes involving children. AMBER alerts are an imaginary solution to the crimes, cant possibly achieve success it wants. Defining Crime, Laws and Social Order The enforcement and harsh punishment indicate how seriously society takes certain criminal behaviour. Social order, crime, laws. Crime in Canada and Elsewhere Criminal justice operates like a funnel (figure 7.1), (many incidents, some reported, fewer sentenced) This makes it hard to understand what criminal statistic changes mean. Self reporting may probably be the best index, victimization surveys. Both crime severity and crime rate have dropped 20, 40% respectively. Crimes of violence Conventional crimes (the ones that are often reported; homicide, sex assaults, though only 12%) Murder (w intent), manslaughter (wo intent) Assaults, stalking Non violent crimes Includes vice crimes, provides greatest opportunity of organized crime www.notesolution.com
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