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Chapter 12

Reading for Week 10. Book: Sense of Sociability, Chapter: 12
Reading for Week 10. Book: Sense of Sociability, Chapter: 12

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University of Toronto St. George

SS12: Politics and Ideologies Political Science vs. Political Sociology What shaped Teppermans understanding of Politics 1. Barrington Moore; Social origins of Dictatorship and Democracy. Deals with class relations and effect on politics (What happens when certain groups take power). Dominant class is: Middle class-> democracy; Lower class-> communism; High Class (land-owning +church)->fascism. 2. Talcott Parsons; all institutions have a goal attainment function. The political structure is committed to management and strives to achieve collective goals 3. George Homans, if you watch groups, you can see them doing politics. Hence this chapter discusses under what circumstances do politics have an integrative effect and when is this effect disintegrating? Forces pushing People apart Canada as an egalitarian society; where everyone is treated equally Ideology; set of believes about the nature of the world; how should be world be run? Liberal ideology; its up to each person to choose their path in life. If my choices turn out badly, I have only myself to blame. Focus attention away from shared values and towards individual responsibility. Blame the victim and support the status quo. It is the dominant ideology, and we are taught to accept it and learn to accept it. Foucalt; power is exercised by setting standards and defining what is normal and abnormal.; relates to the concept of deviancy and Labelling Theory Ideologies affect political life by shaping public opinion. Ppl feel very strongly about their ideologies. Some can believe that it is better and so they want change in government. The think it is the correct and true way, believing other are simply mistaken. [Public opinion] Vox Populi, vox dei is all about the democratic system. Believing in polls causes the bandwagon effect. Ppl vote more for the probable winner. They are influenced by propaganda claiming to be the absolute truth. Hence why ppl become sceptical about information they receive and politicians. www.notesolution.com
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