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RS C7 WORK ‘Suck it up buttercup’: A culture of acceptable workplace violence in group homes - Reuben N. Roth Workplace violence- act in which employee is abused, threatened, intimidated during course of/result of employment -can include psychological injuries (harassment, verbal abuse) National stats- violence in Canadian workplaces may be on the rise, 4164 lost time in- juries (1996) to 5227 (2004) Simonwitz- workplace violence is major problem in US but most steps taken are after the fact, punitive and poorly aimed at reducing workplace violence Type II Violence - an act of violence directed at staff by a client, customer or patient - occurs on a daily basis. Risks are higher for nurses, less experienced female workers, workers in frequent and close contact with patients/residents Montgomery and Kelloway- most frequent froms of workplace violence include hitting, kicking, biting -Canadian workers (maybe are subject) tend to report work related assaults more than US workers (ILO) - the latter explanation: Canadians have more unions to protect them Violence in the Ontario Community Care Group Home Sector Population studied: 130 support/maintenance workers at 5 group homes for disabled persons. Data collected was confidential, anonymous Of 76 workers who responded, 90% subjected to act of workplace violence -high frequency of violence Questions were formulated to gauge intensity/impact and to make relationships with re- spondent’s sex, age, job category, shifts worked -pattern of significant relationships was apparent for 4pm-midnight shift -those who worked this shift- higher than expected intensity of violence, those who didn’t- lower than expected intensity -number of shifts worked affects varied scores The more shifts respondent works, the more likely they will be to experience workplace violence that requires
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