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Chapter 1

Social Problems - Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION - What are Social Problems?

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Lorne Tepperman

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Social ProblemsChapter 1 110120 949 AM Sociology 102week 1 reading Social problems chapter 1what are social problemsSocial problemsa social condition or pattern of behaviours that is believed to warrant public concern and collection actionStaeheli 2008 terrains of political claims makingObjective elementsmeasurable features of negative social conditionsSuch as condition might include crime poverty or alcohol abuse and can be considered an objective realitySubjective elementspeoples evaluations of objective conditions and the processes that influence their evaluationsThey include the moral labels that people apply to particular acts or situations and the accounts they give for these acts and situationsClaims makinga process by which people try to capture attention and mobilize public opinion around particular problems and their solutionsOur formulation of social problems is influenced both by changes in measurable reality and by changes in our perceptions of measurable realityBy bringing together the objective and subjective elements we can define a social problem as both a condition and a processConditionan empirically observed condition that threatens the wellbeing of a significant part of societyProcessthe sequence of events by which members of society come to see a condition as a social problem that warrants and needs collective remedial actionC Wright mills 1959social imagination
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