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Crime and Deviance(异异异异异 Deviance involves breaking a norm and eliciti异异 a negative reaction from others. Informal punishment is mild and may involve raised eyebrows, gossip, ostracism 异异 or Stigmatization. 异 异 When people are stigmatized, they are negatively evaluated because of a perceptible sign that distinguishes them from others. Formal punishment results from people breaking laws, which are norms stipulated 异 异异异 and enforced by government bodies. Social diversions are minor acts of deviance such as participating in fads. Social deviations异异 are more serious acts. A larger proportion of people agree they are deviant and somewhat harmful, and they are usually subject to institutional sanction. 异异异异异 The state defines conflict crimes as illegal but the definition is controversial in the wider society. Consensus crimes are widely agreed to be bad in themselves. Power is the probability that one actor within a social relationship will be in a position to carry out his or her own will despite resistance. White -ollar crime refers to illegal acts committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his or her occupation. Street crimes include arson异异 , burglar异异 , robbery, assault, and other illegal acts. They are committed disproportionately by people from lower classes. Victimless 异 异 异 异 异 crimes, such as prostitution and illegal drug use, involve violations of the law in which no victim
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