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Dan Dolderman

IntroductionA change of MindThe goals of this chapter1 illustrate the power of sociology to dispel foggy assumptions and help us see the operationof the social world more clearlyexamine the phenomenon that at first glance appears to be solely the outcome of breakdowns inindividual functioning suicide2 show that from its origins sociological research has been motivated by a desire to improvethe social world thus sociology is not just a dry academic exercise but a means of charting course forsociety3 sociology can help you come to grips with your century just as it helped the founders ofsociology deal with theirsSociological perspective suicide appear to be the supremely antisocial and nonsocial act it is condemned by nearly everyone in society In recent years there have been about 13 suicides annually for every 100000 people inCanada what usually interests us are the aspects of specific individuals lives that caused them tobecome depressed or angry enough to do something awfulThe sociological explanation of suicide Emile Durkheim demonstrated that suicide is more than just an individual act of desperationresulting from psychological disorder suicide rates are strongly influenced by social forces
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