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Dan Dolderman

Commit Sociology Chapter 1 Human Inquiry and science NotesIntroduction Most of what you know is a matter of agreement and belief It is important to realise that most of what we know is a matter of believing what we have been toldWe can know from agreement above and direct experience We will learn how we know whats realLooking for Reality In general scientific assertion must have both logical ad empirical support it must make sense and it must not contradict actual observationScience offers special approach to the business of inquiry Epistemology is the science of knowing methodology might be called the science of finding out methodology illuminates procedures for scientific investigationOrdinary human inquiry Humans seem predisposed to undertake thins task using causal or conditioned by present onesSuch patterns of cause and effect are probabilistic in nature when the causes occur than when the causes are absentbut not always In looking at ordinary human inquiry we need to distinguish between prediction and understandingWhatever the primitive drives ir instincts that motivate human beings and other animals satisfying them depends heavily on the ability to predict future circumstances
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