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Chapter 9

SOC102 Fall 2014 - Chapter 9 Glossary.pdf

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Lorne Tepperman

Chapter 9 Term Definition Framing disease Coined by Robert Aronowitz 2008a mechanism that addresses the way we recognize define name and classify disease states and assign them to a cause or set of causes Medical sociology Field of sociology that examines the social context of health illness and health care Biomedical view of A medical perspective that emphasizes Western scientific principles defines medicine health as absence of illness views human body as a machine needing repairs promotes use of therapeutic intervention eg drugs surgery to cure diseases and injury Wellbeing Positive state of existence characterized by happiness prosperity and the satisfaction of basic human needs and not simply an absence of negative conditions such as illness or injury Health Defined by WHO in 1946 after WW2 State of complete physical mental and social wellbeing Biopsychological A medical perspective that considers health and disease as products of the view of health and interaction between body mind and environment illness Epidemiology An applied science that examines the causes distribution and control of diseases in a population Life expectancy The average number of years remaining to a person at a particular age given current agespecific mortality rates Mortality rate The death rate of a given disease or population typically mea
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