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Chapter 1

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SOCIAL PROBLEMS NOTESChapter 1TermDefinitiona social condition or pattern of behavior that is believed to warrant public Social problemconcern and collective actionmeasurablefeatures of a negative social condition Such a condition might Objective include crime poverty alcohol abuse and can be considered an objective realityelementsPeoples evaluation of objective conditions and the processes that influence their Subjective evaluation They include the moral labels that people apply to particular acts or elementssituation and the accounts they give for these acts and situationsinvolvesthe promotion of a particular moral vision is social life and thus is Claimsmakinganything people do to propagates a view of who and what is a problem and what should be done about itaterm used by C Wright Mills in his 1959 book The sociological imagination Sociological that describes the sociologists ability to connect seemingly impersonal and Imaginationremote historical forces to the most basic incidents of an individuals life The sociological imagination enables people to distinguish between personal troubles and public issuesfocuses on interactions between individuals in small groupsMicrosociologyfocuses on societal levelMacrosociologyasociological research approach that examines the ways people interact to Social create a shared social realityconstructionismterm coined to describe people who discover and attempt to publicize deviant Moral behaviours Moral entrepreneurs are crusading reformers who are disturbed by Entrepreneursparticular types of evil they see in this world and who will not ready until something is done to correct the problemGestures artefacts and words that represent something elseSymbolsSpecific duties and obligations expected of those belonging to a specific statusRolesA set of people defined by formal or informal criteria of membership who feel Social groupunified or are bound together in stable patterns of interactionEmployees in bureaucratic organization who bring forward valid information Whistleblowerabout wrongdoings and illegal conducts of their organization Often punished for doing soPublic expression of attitude typically based on falseexaggerated perceptions Moral panicsthat some cultural behaviour or group of people frequently a minority group is dangerously deviant and poses a menace to society
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