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Chapter 7

SOC102 Fall 2014 Chapter 7 Glossary.pdf

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University of Toronto St. George
Lorne Tepperman

Chapter 7TermDefinitionLawsFormal rules of conduct may provide punishments for violators CrimeAny behavior at a given time and place prohibited by applicable statutory lawPrevalence of harmonious relationships when rules are obeyed and social Social ordersituations controlled Synonym social organization Rules indicate acceptable behaviors and allow participants to anticipate behaviors of othersSocial disorderUnpredictable situation where rules are not obeyed Environment unsafe and barriers of acceptable behaviors broke downSelfreportingVictim reporting crime Most direct method to measure crime rates Low accuracy changes depends on willingness to reportVictimization Population samples asked how many times of a particular period have they been surveysvictims of a crimeConventional Traditionally illegal behaviors people perceive as crimes Also perceived as socially seriouscrimesHomicideKilling of human being byanother direct or indirect and by any meansVice crimesDeviant behaviors defined as immoral eg gambling prostitution drug trafficking Provide greatest opportunity for organized crimeWhitecollar Committed by whitecollar workers and management in course of occupations crimesOften performed in normal work and occur in reputable organizationsOrganized Groupsystem of pro criminals practice illegal activities as a way of life Criminal crimeactivities coordinated and controlled through hierarchy of bossesDifferential Processes whereby individuals learn t
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