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Chapter 1

Social Problems Chapter 1 What are Social Problems?

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Chapter 1 What Are Social Problemsprogress industrialization and urbanization inventions and scientific discovery and exposure to new and different ideas and culturespossibility of social improvement or social ameliorationobjective elements measurable features of a negative social conditioncrime poverty or alcohol abusesubjective elements peoples evaluations of objective conditions and the processes that influence their evaluationsMills sociological imaginations is the ability to see connections between ones own life the social world in which one lives and between person or private troubles and public issues Thomas dictum when people define a situation as real the situation will be real in its own effectssocial constructionism sociological research approach that examines the ways people interact to create a shared social realitymoral entrepreneurs people who discover and attempt to publicize deviant behavioursclaimsmaking a procedure that describes explains and blames people whore involved with the problemMead symbolic interactionismchildren learn to interact with others by learning a system of symbolssocial life sharing of meaningsGoffman symbolic interactionismtheatre in which people compose and perform social scripts togetherthe world does not present itself objectively to the observer
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