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Chapter 2

Social Problems Chapter 2 Class, Poverty and Economic Inquality

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Chapter 2 Class Poverty and Economic Inequalityeconomic inequality large differences in income and wealth across individuals and groups within a society differences in the economic power of nationsmeans of productionDavis and Moore functional theory of stratification most people in most industrial societies agree about the relative social value of particular rolesMarx 1 Identifying themselves as members of an exploited class2seeing that the owners of the means of production are their enemy3 Realizing that everything is at stake in the battle for equality4 Recognizing that societal change is possible through conflictSocial mobility the movement of individuals from one social class to another during the course of ones lifetimeabsolute poverty lack of the basic necessities 9food shelter medicine for basic survivalrelative poverty survival but far below the general living standards of the society or social group in which the poor live affects peoples lives in dramatic wayspoverty line it represents a usual standard of living and differs across countriesthe definition of poverty varies by society within societies and also over timelowincome cutoffs a formal definition used by Statistics Canada for measuring relative poverty based on the percentage income devoted to daily necessities and determined both regionally and by population lowincome measures a set of figures representing 50 per cent of the median adjusted family income Actual incomes are compared with LIMS to determine whether or not a family can be considered lowincome
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