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Chapter 4

Social Problems Chapter 4 Gender Relations

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Chapter 4 Gender Relationswomen were not admitted to university until the late nineteenth centurysexism discrimination and derogatory attitudes and beliefs that promote stereotyping of people because of their gender Sexism and gender stereotyping are two problems for both men and women and are most often experienced in institutions and social relationshipsgender inequality the differential success of men and women in gaining access to valued rewards This tends to stem from structural arrangements interpersonal discrimination and cultural beliefs sex a biological connect that differentiates female and male Most people are mainly male or mainly female from the moment of conception with biological difference between the sexes that are anatomic genetic and hormonalgender a social division referring to the social and psychosocial attributes by which humans are categorized as male or female Biology is deemed somewhat irrelevant to understanding social distinctions between males and femalesGender encompasses the shared understandings of how women and men girls and boys should look and actIt is a label that subsumes a large assortment of traits beliefs values and mannerism and defines how we should practise social interactionsgender roles the patterns of behaviour that a society expects of males and females and that all members of the society learn to a greater or lesser extent as part of the socialization processmasculinity a socially constructed idea of how boys and men should act qualities that people in our soci
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