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Chapter 7

Social Problems Chapter 7 Crime and Violence

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Chapter 7 Crime and Violencecrime has effects peoples health safety and sense of wellbeingvictimization can reduce peoples trust in social institutions and their willingness to take part in community lifecan reduce a communitys vitality and cohesion can damage the central institutions of civil societyfamilies workplaces and schools men are more likely to be involved in crime both as victims and as offenderssome argue property crimesrational calculation of profitability and risk of a crimeother argue crimeresult when groups have unequal amounts of power and influencecrime will increase when social inequality increasesGriffin and Millercrimecontrol theatre laws rules of conduct that mya provide for the punishment of violatorscrime any behaviour that in a given time and place is prohibited by applicable statutory law social order prevalence of generally harmonious relationships social disorder the uncertain and unpredictable condition in which rules are not obeyed street crimes are common easily investigated and cheaply prosecuted crime funnel reported arrest conviction and imprisonmentcrime has been falling so has the severity of the average crimes committedconventional crimes traditionally illegal behaviours that most people think of as crimehomicide and sexual assault are given the most media coverage but account of only 12 of al
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