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Chapter 10

Social Problems Chapter 10 War and Terrorism

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Chapter 10 War and Terrorismstate set of public organizations elected government civil service courts police and militaryauthoritarian state tries to fully dominate civil society and penetrate everyday lifeideology a system of beliefs that explains how society is or should be any system of ideas underlying and informing political action Marxist ideological ideas justify and legitimate subordination of one group to another opiate of the masses Marx world system theory a conception of the modern social world that views it as comprising one interlinked entity with an international division of labour unregulated by any one political structuredeveloped by Immanuel Wallerstein seeks to explain the uneven pace of development in the world by looking at the unequal relations between different countriescore states have the power to extract an economic surplus from the peripheryfrequently are accused of engaging in imperialism the exercise of political and economic control by one state over the territory of another under the right conditions economic imperialism is far safer less costly and usually more stable than military or political imperialismglobalization integration on a world scale of economic activities and peoples by units of private capital and improved communications technology and transportation globalization is the trend of increasing interdependence between the economies and societies of the world 1 global economic interdependence2 scientific and technol
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