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ch 10 war and terroism

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Chapter 10 war and terrorism y Warfare and violent conflict appear to be human universal y Some periods of history have been more warlike than others likely that sociological variables can be used to explain this variation y Wars are largely the result of social construction y Often begin with the social construction of a sense of threat y Decentralized leadership is likely to be less warlike than centralized or especially dictatorial leadershipy Ideology system of beliefs that explains how society is or should be y Marx opiate of the masses Rebirth of religion as a political force testifies largely to the downfall of communism an ideology and political system that had tried to destroy organized religion y World system theory industrial core states like the US and the UK take much of the raw materials and cheap labor they need from less developed peripheral states y Core states have the power to extract an economic surplus from the periphery y Imperialism carried out most often through military means Exercise of political and economic control by one state over the territory or another y Globalization integration on a world scale of economic activities and peoples by units of private capital and improved communications technology and transportation y 6 defining features 1 Global economic interdependence most societies trade goods and services with one another 2 Driving force for change new methods for producing goods and services 3 Small local firms lose in the competition for international markets 4 Cultures today more di
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