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Sociology Lec 8 Health Inequalities  Ways ppl stigmatize certain ppl ex: ppl with a socially flawed appearance mentally ill ppl and addicted ppl  Doctors hold control in our society over the allocation of blame/so do courts of law ex: when u miss class if u say u have a doctor’s note your saved but if u say someone died that won’t save u from missing your test  Talcott Parsons said sickness is a social role that permits ppl to disobey the socially defined rules of proper behaviour around work school etc ex: becuz ur sick u don’t have to take out of the garage; when ur sick u get left off the hook doctor is ur proof cuz they give u a note or call ur school etc describes sickness as a temporary, medically sanctioned form of deviant behaviour  In western societies the sick role implies comprise specific right and duties 1 the sick persons is temporarily exempted from “normal” social roles nd 2 the sick person has gained a right to be cared for u put responsibility on other ppl bcuz they need to take care of u 3 these rights also imply responsibilities ex: doctor expects the sick person to see being sick as undesirable and try to get well  The sick person has a duty when sick to seek a doctor sick ppl as deviants must be controlled doctors in this respect provide a form of social regulation to protect  Patient and doctor contract: ill give u a note so u can miss school but u gotta take the meds deal?  Parson’s theory has drawn criticism for a variety of reasons” not everyone who is sick wants to be regarded as such or relieved of their duties some ppl when they’re sick they want to go to work and they hate being sick and they go to work or school it assumes an ideal patient and ideal doctor in fact ppl r neither the same nor ideal some doctor like dealing with their own kind of culture or their own kind of social class, gender etc some ppl r held responsible for their illness ex: u eat a lot or ur a druggie it doesn’t fit chronic or long term illnesses or permanent like diabetes  Parsons says that doctors tend to be king of the world and regulate things whereas other ppl argue that its not like that; doctors are human too, they’re not just gona give notes to ppl just so they escape their duties he says sickness is temporary but mental illness is permanent  Ppl try to self medicate themselves and don’t listen to their doctors  Stigmathe more ppl know about us the more their gona judge us health is an important factor of this judging ex: ur friend has std so shes a slut or been having irresponsible sex; judge and gossip  Moral interpretation is attached to health issues  StigmaErving Goffman discusses ppl who r seen as normal and who are stigmatized for their appearance or other discreditable features management of spoiled identityhow r u gona keep the other person to not hate you how r u gona let them know ur embarrassing thing and still manage and maintain a friendship with them  Spoiling identity= having ppl c u differently after finding something out about them ^^ this is what Goffman says is stigma he thinks everyone has a spoiled identity  Stigmatization arises out of interaction and it performed in interaction  Stigmatized ppl try to manage their interactions to appear more normal  Stigmatization aka labelling  Passing is the effort to disguise discreditable facts about oneself thru impression management ex: imprisonment or treatment in a mental hospital or jews disguising themselves as Christians so they won’t get into trouble  A guy is gona manipulate and be careful what he tells the girl he likes becuz he doesn’t want her to not like him; hes gona manage what she knows about him  Stigma comes a Christian religion based on a moral evaluation  Covering is the strategy used by ppl who r already discredited becuz their stigmatizing feature is visible ex: someone always being humorous towards blind ppl while being blind themselves; they try to avoid or disregard their own disability  Their strategy is not to manage information but to manage the tensions arising from this discrediting  Labelling comes from symbolic interactions we put labels on ppl based on what we c and what we know about them  Medicalization of social p
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