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Chapter 3

social problems chapter 3 notes

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st February 1 SP3 Race and Ethnic Relations Race - for some people, race is a biological fact o they see race as having unique physiological characteristics based in genetic differences - however scientists increasingly rejecting this notion because of growing genetic evidence showing the so-called human races are more alike than different Ethnicity - some believe that race and ethnicity are, if not the same, closely related - race and ethnicity, however, are not necessarily related o one cannot deduce a persons ethnic affiliations based on their physical features - ethnic groups are created by social interaction o ethnic boundaries can be made and unmade over time Multiculturalism in Canada - immigrants constitute a large fraction of Canadas population o multiculturalism is therefore an important political issue - history of Canadas multicultural policy: o 1960s: increasingly stormy French-English relations in Canada, especially Quebec 63: Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism established 69: Official Language Act voted into law during these proceedings, the Commissioners heard from spokespersons for other ethnic minorities that could not be ignored argument that immigrants and their children had made great sacrifices (during the Depression and the world wars) just as other Canadians had done, and therefore deserved the same respect and benefits of Canadian citizenship promoted idea of a cultural mosaic, where distinct groups fit together in a single society, over the melting pot of the United States Royal Commission agreed recommended the government recognize the value of cultural pluralism o 1970s 71: passage of Multiculturalism act (multiculturalism became official federal policy) o 1980s 82: dedication to the preservation of Canadas multicultural heritage became entrenched in the Constitution www.notesolution.com
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