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Chapter 8

social problems chapter 8 notes

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Chapter 8 Addictions addiction socially disapproved behaviour that is uncontrollable, repetitious and possibly harmful the medical definition of addiction has 7 criteria 1. Tolerance (has use increased over time?) 2. Desire to cut down (thought about it? attempted?) 3. Withdrawal (when you stop using are there physical or emotional withdrawal?) 4. Difficulty controlling your use 5. Negative consequences (continued to use despite negative consequences?) 6. Putting off or neglecting activities (ever put off activities because of your use?) 7. Spending significant time or emotional energy o a person answering yes to 3 or more questions meets the medical definition of addiction definition does not describe how often one uses the drug or alcohol, but rather if one has trouble controlling their use and whether there are negative effects how is addiction a publicsocial problem? o social effects of addiction broken families, health consequences, lost days at work, etc. o social causes of addiction social forces that increase the risk of addiction Addictive Gambling gambling is a behaviour on a continuum, ranging from non-gamblers to recreational gamblers to problem gamblers estimates suggest that 1 in 50 Canadian adults have a serious gambling problem o 480,000 Canadians have a gambling problem Elements of the Canadian Problem Gambling Index Behaviours Bet more than you could afford Increased wages Returned to win back losses Borrowed money or sold anything to gamble Adverse Effects Felt gambling problem Suffered criticism www.notesolution.com
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