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Health And Addiction: Reading sociology

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University of Toronto St. George
Lorne Tepperman

Nov 6 rs (1) Reading Sociology: Health (sec 9) Sociologists view the human body as 1) Biological entity whose well-being is altered by social determinants, 2) Political and ideological entity contested by various professional experts, and 3) cultural entity with socially shared meanings  Chapter 33: Biocitizenship and mental health in a Canadian context Biocitizenship—concept that people are increasingly crafting identities around problems of biological (including mental) health Based on: 1) Individualist—social welfare state disappears and responsibility for well-being is transferred to individual citizens -choice shows full citizenship and promotes well-being 2) Activist—self-care -manages their own mental health -lobbies government for research and action against mental illnesses 3) Science and education—for a population to see the seriousness of mental illnesses and recognize the unique contributions made by mentally ill to society *accepting that we are at risk of experiencing mental illness helps remove stigma (already ill & potentially ill) Human capacities: ability to make choices, think rationally, exhibit moderate displays of emotion  Chapter 34: Love and Changes in health Broken-hearted syndrome—unexpected death of a loved one Standard deviation—the amount in data that deviates from the mean (small s.dobservations cluster around mean, large s.ddata are sporadic) Perceived love—from families, social groups, and divine love improves health Food insecurity—from smoking, age, and income declines health Social capital causally affects changes in health status Social status variables (love) > publicly funded medical care Thus, policies should be aimed at family support and unification  Chapter 35: Menstruation by Choice: the framing of a controversial issue Frames provide a diagnosis of a social situation and propose solutions Nov 6 rs
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