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Lorne Tepperman

Starting points: a sociological journey – lorne tepperman: Chapter 1 – introducting sociology Theorists Auguste Comte: coined the term sociology Founding Figures: Karl Marx, Max Weber, and Émile Durkheim Robert Merton: Key figure developing functional theory, wrote – Social Theory and Social Structure (1957) Hereodotus: World’s first historian devoted attentions between Egyptians, Greeks and Persians (484 – 425 BCE) Emile Durkheim: introduced the term “anomie” or “normlessness”, wrote suicide (1897) laying the foundation and establishing sociology as a discipline in academia Michael Foucault: wrote Discipline and punish (1975) – analysis of prisons and imprisionment – all modern society’s a prison Jeremy Bentham: named the design for a prison that guards can go unseen while constantly watching the prisoners a panopticon Concepts Anomie/Normlessness: the condition typical in times of rapid social change, social norms are weakened or in conflict with each other Psychology: Explains individual’s, focuses on internal influences Sociology: The systematic study of social behaviour, or the study of society, focuses on external influences Society: The largestscale human group, whose members interact with one another, share a common geographic territory, and share common institutions Macrosociology: The study of social institutions (e.g., the Roman Catholic Church or marriage) and large social groups (e.g., ethnic minorities or college students) Microsociology: The study of the processes and
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