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Chapter 11

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Busha Taa

Chapter 11 Families and Socialization Functionalismcentral institution in society where family members come together as a unified wholeChanges in family reflect changes in societyTalcott Parsons view division of family labor as key to success ex dad being breadwinnerleaderargue that cohabituation is inferior to traditional marriage less permanent and fails to provide economic and psychological benefitsTradition forms contribute to survival of society and membersFamilies important for reproduction provides physical and psychological support socialization of children Critical Theorydoes not look for universal truth does not believe certain forms of family fulfill social functions betterIndustrialization families moved from selfsustaining to consumption unitsMen sells labor for income women delegated with household responsibilitiesGender inequality increased with gender differentiation which increased with capitalism Symbolic InteractionismSocial interactionists believes that conservative right wing politicians preach traditional family values that marginalizes groups like single mothers LGSBT and
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