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Chapter 16


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SOC103Chapter 16Social MovementsVoluntary Associations Voluntary association group formed voluntarily Unlike other voluntary associations social movements usually have a political goalInterdependence The Real State of NatureInterdependence contributes most to social integration promotes tolerancecivility especially if the state is committed to such valuesMarkets do notcannot regulate themselves vulnerable to distortion by insiders monopolistsfraudsters Markets can easily create dangerous boomsbusts currently experiencing bust Markets respond to our human need for interdependenceare selfregulating in the sense they set prices without outside political interference Cyberspace striking feature is its diversity delocalizes social interactionsMilgrams experiment 1967 asked randomly chosen people in OmahaWichita to do their best to get their package to their Bostonian counterpart only through people they knew personally on a firstname basis We are all connected by only six degrees of separationSmall world property those with largediverse networks played an especially important role in linking peoplenetworks sociometric stars Ron Burt calls them brokersentrepreneurs when they connect unconnected networks Typically have an unusual amount of social capitalClassic Studies Improvised News A Sociological Study of Rumor Rumours in every social settingsevery kind of news medium to express political views construct images of realityshow social solidarityShibutani Improvised News A Sociological Study of Rumor 1966 rumours travel through existing networks basis for sociability Info sometimes distorted but carries important social truths Collectively achieve clarity through repeated interactiondiscussion Rumour formation is a problemsolving strategy that relies on pooling of resources Rumours are improvised news news imaginedcreated under conditions of hardshipconfusion In collective transaction there are five roles to perform messenger interpreter skeptic protagonistdecision maker Rumours collaboratively gain accuracyprovide more stability People rarely transmit them serially or randomly indiscriminately to strangersfriends alike as AllportPostman suggested Rumours spreads within a network through series of interpersonal communications until they eventually reach the outskirts of the communication network Gradually through deliberations an overall story gains consistencyclarity By sharing with other members of the network the improvised news story becomes uniform AllportPostman The Psychology of Rumor 1947 lab experiment simulated the childrens game broken telephone Showed that the movement of info from one person to another tends to distort the original message the result as heard by a large number of people most distant from the source is often deeply flawedeven downright wrongVoluntary AssociationsSociabilityVoluntary associations more organizationally complex than networks address wide variety of concerns ie alumni associations charitable groups church groups book clubs etc Though often aime
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