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Chapter 1

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Eric Fong

CHAPTER ONEintro most of what we know is a matter of agreementbelief believing what weve been told the basis of knowledge is agreement can also know through direct experienceobservation in conflict we surrender our experience in favour of the agreementlooking for reality a Sci assertion needs logic and empirical supportmust make sense and must not contradict actual observation epistemology is the sci of knowing methodology is the sci of finding outOrdinary human inquiry causalprobabilistic reasoningfuture circumstances are caused by present ones causeeffect patterns are probabilisticeffects occur more often when the causes occur than when causes are absent but not ALWAYS we must distinguish between predictionunderstandingoften make predictions without understandingTradition 2ndhand knowledge accept most of them the things everybody knows we inherit a culture made up of firmly accepted knowledge about the working of the worldadvantages saves time knowledge is cumulativeinherited knowledge is a jumpingoff point of more knowledge disadvantages tradition may hinder human inquiry Authority 2ndhand lnowledge acceptance of new discoveries depends on status eg your doc VS uncleadvantage in controversy especially we do well in trusting the judgement of a person with expertisedisadvantagelegitimate authorities may be mistaking in their own provincewhen authority of experts speak outside their realm of expertiseErrors in inquiryInaccurate Observations mistakes with observations happen frequently SCI observation is a concious ACTobservation is made more
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