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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 textbook summary

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University of Toronto St. George
Eric Fong

Paradigms theoryresearchINTRO theories provide logical explanations of patternsst1 they prevent our being taken in by flukes chance occurancesnd 2 theories makes sense of observed patterns in ways that can suggest other possibilities 8enables us to take effective actionrd 3 theories can shapedirect research efforts pointing towards likely discoveries thru empirical observationnot all research seek to explain description publics opinion etc other purposes of researcha theory seeks to explain a paradigm provide ways of lookingSOC SCI paradigms paradigma model for observationunderstanding which shapes what we seehow we understand it our views and feelings are the result of the paradigm in which we have been socialized benefits with recognizing that we are operating within a paradigm we are better able to understand the viewsactions of others who are operating from a DIFF paradigm we can sometimes profit from stepping out of our paradigm opens eyes to new ways of seeing things SOC SCI paradigmsDIFF ways of looking at human SOC lifeMacrotheoryMicrotheory macrotheory aimed at understanding SOC at large the big picture of institutions whole societies and the interactions among societies microtheoryaimed at understanding SOC life at the intimate level of INDs and their interactionsEarly positivism Comte coined the term SOChe ID SOC as a phenomenon that can be studies scientifically prio
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