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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 textbook summary

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University of Toronto St. George
Eric Fong

THE ETHICAL DIMENSION OF SOC RESEARCHprocedures sometimes cant be used based on being too impractical being ethically prohibitive being politically difficult or impossible problem w ethics theyre not always selfevident not everything blackwhite shades of grey ethical considerations arent always apparent to usndth concern with ethical standards in research gained momentum in north America 2 half of 20 C medical experiments SOC SCI research can harm research subjects eg PSY harmstress eg Milgrams obedience to authority PHY harm must also be guarded against researching deviant ACTs may result in putting subjects into legal jeopardyETHICAL CODES REBS AND THE TRICOUNCIL POLICY STATEMENTndth codes of ethicsother guidelines for moral conduct in research became prevalent in 2 half of 20 C to guard against harms that can come to human subjects for every decade has been more attention to ethical reviews of research90s CDN got a national set of ethical guidelines founded for INSTs that get funding 94 3 major granting agencies in CDN 1 the medical research council 2 the natural SCIengineering research council 3 SOC SCIhumanities research council these formed the TRICouncil Working groupjoint policy concerning ethical standards for research involving humansgoal create standard of ethical norms transcended disciplinary boundaries98 they issued TRIcouncil policy statement to get funding u must follow the principlespolicies of the statement gaining ethical approval of proposed research projects by an ethics committee has been re
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