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Brent Berry

Statistical imagination Chap. 1 Field of statistics: a set of procedures for gathering, measuring, classifying, coding, computing, analysing and summarizing systematically acquired numerical information. Statistic is based on carefully analysis of facts rather than emotional reactions to isolated experiences. Statistics is about having a balanced perspective and using exacting precision in the gathering and presentation of information obtaining an accurate sense of proportion in regard to reality (to see thing objectively, make fair judgment, and give the correct amount of attention to things that really matter and not be distracted) Sociological imagination : awareness of the relationship of the individual to the wider society and to history the recognition that individual behaviour is conducted in relation to larger social structures, that most actions by individuals involve conformity to societys rules and not personal initiative, and that right and wrong are defined by cultural context. Statistical imagination: an appreciation of how usual or unusual event, circumstances or behaviour is in relation to a larger set of similar events and an appreciation of an events causes and consequences. We understand that most events are predictable ability to
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