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SOC203H1 Chapter Notes -The German Ideology

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Excerpt from “The German Ideology”
Karl Marx
“Thought and being are indeed distinct, but they also form a unity.
First paragraph:
- Relations of production are also political and legal relations
- Division of labour renders these relation independent to each.
- Such relations are concepts
- Such concepts are accepted due to independent existence assumed
- These concepts are validated by political scientists and jurists.
Second Paragraph:
- Dominant material force in society is also dominant intellectual
- Means of material production controls means of mental production
- Those who lack the means of mental production fall subject to it.
- Dominant ideas are the ideal expression of the dominant material relationships.
- These ideas make on class the ruling one
- They are consequently the ideas of its dominance
Division of labour is also present in the dominant class. Some are the thinkers (coming with
concepts, ideologies, illusions of their own class) and the others are the active members(
receptive and passive of these ideas)
This can provoke a certain hostility and even collision between the two parts, but quickly
disappears of its own accord.
The existence of revolutionary ideas in a particular age presupposes the existence of a
revolutionary class.
“every new class, achieves its domination only on a broader basis than that of the
previous ruling class.
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