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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Nathan Innocente

SOC212 Chapter 2 Notesthere are many paths that leads to deviance using the example of paths that lead to arsonpsychopathysome people are pyromaniacsfrauda person burning property to claim insurance moneyorganized crimeusing arson in extortion racketsexplanations the stories we tell each other in attempt to produce some order in our livesallow us to feel as if we know why something happened under what conditions it is likely to occur again and how we might possibly change the course of eventsstudy of deviance is systematic comprehensive selfconsciousEmpathetic explanation includes much of the subjectiveinner feeling as well as the objectiveviewed from outside reality of the event behing explainedempathetic approach is the one most keyed to understanding the actors point of view and the actors decisionsScientific explanations make use of the scientific method or adaptations of itscientific method works best with inorganic and nonsocial realities and does not handle human agencyScience is an ideal because deviance is very difficult to observe and study using the tools of the scientific method and because human beings are simply much more complex than rocks and starspositivism to indicate wok that may be extreme in its refusal to give any importance to human feelings understandings and choicesscientific method provides for controlling observations so that the knowledge gained will be tested and cumulative has been most fully developed in the area of biological explanationscan come to make better predictions about which parolees smokers dieters etc will change and how muchIdeological explanations are based on systems of ideas that are held as irrefutable doctrinethey are not just tentatively proposed but rather are often a matter of passionate beliefideologies are almost impervious to new information or alternative interpretations ideological explanations are found most openly in the writings of prescientific religious authorities who demanded obedience to the dogmas of the Church and in the work of some radical conflict theorists who believe just as tenaciously in the tenets of Marxism or one of its competitorsideological biases may be implicitpresent but not so obviously presentfunctionalists were often smallc conservatives they believed that American society was already pretty much the way things should betheories are generally developed through alternating processes of inductive and deductive logicinductive approach we look at may specific cases and then make generalizations
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