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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Prescientific Approaches to Deviance

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Nathan Innocente

SOC212Chapter 3Prescientific Approaches to Deviancethbefore the Enlightenment in late 17 centurymyths earliest sacred stories illustrated character of deviancewarned people about consequences of excessive controlexcessive deviancespread of monotheistic religions esp Christianity led to more causal but still supernatural explanationdevil caused deviance witch crazeEuropeCE 1400 to CE 1700MYTHS PARABLESSTORIESDescribed peoples experiencesa nonscientific explanation of themDeviants expelled from the garden or turned into pillars of salt or condemned to perform eternal tasksTemptationits consequences are central to many storiesoie story of AdamEve Pandoras boxcautionary tales boy who cried world little red riding hood etcTrickster LegendsoSmart little guy outwits the stupid greedy boring authoritiesoTrickster circumvents usual rules in disrespectful ways but is greeted by audience with laughter and aweoRoger Rabbit Bugs Bunny Darth VaderoEmbodies paradox of devianceits attractiveness and dangers and its many faces The Hero with a Thousand FacesContemporary LegendsoClaim to be actual rather than fantasticoHighly believable but based on hearsayoSome are horror stories reflecting urban fears ie poisoned Halloween candy while some whumorous moral twist ie naval intelligence
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