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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - CLassical Theories of Deviance & Their Influence on Modern Jurisprudence

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Nathan Innocente

SOC212Chapter 4Classical Theories of Deviance and Their Influence on Modern JurisprudenceJurisprudence lawprinciples that govern court decisionsNew enlightened classical view of deviance saw it as behav that detracted from overall happiness or wellbeing of members of societyoNo forces of evil anymore with travel science and newer philosophies which challenged religious perspectives wknowledgethe EnlightenmentNew thinkers devoted attention to devising systems of punishment to warn wouldbe deviants of cost of their offencesRATIONAL CALCULATION IN AN IMPERFECT WORLD THE ENLIGHTENMENT 16801800Characterized by new strictly empirical view of worldDeviant no longer seen as possessed tormented or tempted5 central tenets of classical view1People are hedonisticseek pleasure avoid harm2People have free willchoose whether to commit offences or conform3Society represents form of social contract 4Punishment is justified as means of transforming hedonistic calculation so that performance of duty is more rewarding than following criminal path5Reform of the secular world is worthwhile and appropriate since chief goal in life is not to achieve salvation but to reach utilitarian goal greatest good for greatest numberParadigm of classical school can be extended to include explanation of noncriminal forms of devianceThe Classical ParadigmRational hedonistic actor with free willPerception of opportunityAssessment of probable riskDecision to conform or offend
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