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Chapter 9

Deviance and Social Control - Chapter 9 Notes

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Nathan Innocente

Chapter 9Subcultural and Social Learning Theories of Deviancesubcultural theoriesdeviance based on behaviour or ideas produced in subcultures and transmitted by learningSubculturessubcultureinvolve values beliefs and norms deviant from the wider mainstream cultureArgotsubcultures use their own insider languageslangvocabularies of motivesubculture has justificationsexcuses for their behaviourto neutralize demands of the mainstream cultureie gang member sees his actions as brave and heroicnot illegalDistinctive clothingand body languagemark the subcultureMutually supporting networkssubcultures are maintained through thesemembers depend on groupeven more after punishmentmembers wont change behaviour unless group changes or they leave groupBlaming SubculturesEthnic and Racial Subculturescultural differences can play role in devianceie one culture drinks moremore drunk driving chargespolice need to avoid being prejudicestereotypes exaggerate cultural differences and treat whole groups as devianthard for group members to have a fair hearingdivert attention from deviants not in targeted groupYouth Subculturestry to be impenetrable to outsidersespecially adultsnot rigid and no real boundariesWestern societies subcultures share 3 characteristicsbased on leisure more than work or familyorganized around peer group rather individual friends family ethnic groupfocus on style not political or social ideology subculture made as solution to problem in one country may only be adopted as a fashion only in another country4 youth groups P CDRpolitically mutant youthcultural rebelsdelinquent youthrespectable youthsocially approved activitiessome participate in more than one group at different times
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