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Chapter 10

Deviance and Social Control - Chapter 10 Notes

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Nathan Innocente

Chapter 10Interaction TheoriesInteraction Theories Introfocus on interpretation or social meaning of a behaviourand how this interpretation constructs peoples social worlds identities and effects their behaviourshows deviance as a process of social constructionfocus more on observers of the deviant behaviour than on the behaviour itselfbecause deviance is relative to judgements made by othersdeviant labels may encourage deviant behaviour dont fit in with nondeviantsseek out other deviantslose jobseek illegitimate ways to make moneychange concept of themselveshave more deviant thoughts and behaviour7 main characteristics of interaction theoriesconcern the way meaning is constructeddont pay attention to deviance thats not remarked on by observersprimary deviancesmall accidental unnoticedonly involved in secondary deviance noticed reacted to and tertiary deviance sought afterdeviant identity is pushed on by others or chosen by your selfsequentialdeviant meaning is constructed applied and then there are consequencesdeal with stigmametaphor that likens deviance to sicknessevil that rightminded ppl avoidunderdog sociologygive a voice to those isolated from mainstreamhowever overemphasize both oppressive nature of social control agencies and innocence of the deviantand by expressing their views may help social control agencies get better at controlling themopposite effectno longer really helping theminteraction theorists support the deviants they studyEarly Interaction TheoryGeorge Herbert Meadthe I and the mesocial self is the I me is receptive shapes itself based using others as a mirroronly one I and may me many mesie me as a friend parent athlete etccan react to messages from others in 3 waysaccept it try to change it by presenting new imagequestion the accuracy of the messages
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