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Chapter 11

Deviance and Social Control - Chapter 11 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Nathan Innocente

Chapter 11Social Control Theoriesask yourselfwhy arent you a criminalexplanations assert people have connectedness conscience and respect for the rulessocial control theories dont ask directly why deviants commit deviant actswhen they workget conformity when they failallows individuals to choose a deviant pathie analogous to fencing around a child play areait is assumed they will wonder aroundso if fencing is bad they can escapecontrol theoryfocuses on barriers or the lack of them to restrain drives and needs towards deviant acts rather than focusing on the acts themselveshow supervision and socialization lead people on proper pathsuses more empirical science than interpretationstatistical analysis of selfreport data of high school kidsundergraduatesWalter Reckless and Containment TheoryContainment theoryfocuses on inner and outer factors that control the normal person but are absent or weakened in deviantsInner Controlsmore important to controlling deviance than outer controlswe all experience hostility anger rebellion etc within our selfinner controlsselfcontrols2 typesDirect inner controlability to feel shameguilt and to neutralize it manage frustration have inner strengthIndirect inner controlbased on individuals interest in maintaining conformityOuter ControlsExperienced in the environment such as poverty adversity deviant friends etc2 typesDirect outer controlexternal to individual and carry threat of consequences and rulesbest used when commonly used in institutionsie security camerasIndirect outer controlmainly relationalthe control derives from need to maintain role relationshipsworks best if others who conform have power to reward or punish othersTravis Hirschi and Social Bondingsocial bond theorymost of us behave well because we form a strong bond to conventional society4 elementsinvolvement belief attachment commitment
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