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Nathan Innocente

Ethnic Relations Lecture October 12th2011 ETHNIC BOUNDARIES suggested by anthropologist in the 60shas become an important and commonly used approached to understand 1 group relations2 economic well being of racial and ethnic minorities from Durkheim in his classic discussion of the sacred and the profane in the Elementary Form of Religions to Barths ethnographic work on how groups maintain boundaries while sharing a similar culture the concept has been well grounded in the social science literature TWO APPROACHES 1first approachracialethnic identity looking at how the boundary is maintainedchangedthe process of boundary making in racial and ethnic identity blurring shifting and crossingthe boundary has shifted meaning i will include you into my group crossing integrationassimilation field dynamic process nowadays a lot of researchers use this metaphor to help us understand about group relations2second approach mainly focusing on the group boundaries in a specific context the social dimension of group boundaries in specific contexts social boundaries interrupt divide circumscribe or segregate distributions of population or activities within social field Such fields certainly include spatial distributions of population or activities Tilly different levels of social enclosure and the porousness of boundaries how different levels of enclosure affect the social and economic outcomes of groups a lot of study about the level of social enclosure and how it affects the social and economic outcomes FACTORS THAT AFFECT ETHNIC BOUNDARIES 1Human Ecological Approach Segregation the state of being separate or set apart from other ethnic groups by social norms or physical geographical barriers the human ecological approach first sociology department established in North Americaborrowed the idea of biology to study about society social ecology in a societypeople are competing for limited resources William Wilson when you look at the concentration of poverty we are always focusing on the cultural povertythinks this is not right the culture reinforcesthe argument is circular
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