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Chapter 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Nathan Innocente

Chapter 1 VICARIOUS EXPERIENCE by living in our heads the apparently more exciting or interesting lives of others or by investigating them and discovering that our own lives are preferable y Vicarious living is a habit that our culture reinforces o Expect the thrill without the risky Vicarious experience as a research motivation can distort our understanding of deviance o Results in concentration on violent sexual and crazy deviance and a lack of attention to the more frequent but banal forms of deviance such as cheating exploiting and living on the edge o This disparity increases the commonsense errors of seeing the dividing line between normal and deviant as much clearer than it really is and of seeing deviants as much more reprehensible than most of them really are y This range of whats normal varies by social class gender ethnic and cultural background age and political power of the actors involved and it changes over time ACADEMIC VIEWS OF DEVIANCE y Deviance was treated as absoluteas something real in itself rather than something constructed as something that depends partly on the attitudes of others who put a label on it and make the deviant by naming him or her y As long as people are still being d
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