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Nathan Innocente

CHAPTER 12Conflict critical and postmodernist theories Propositionsof critical n postmodernist theoriespower is the most important explanatory variable some have more n use it to maintain itexpense of others social problems sexism racismwarConflict theory economic class is the most important source of powerCritical theoryother bases of power are given greater importance groups with clashing interests n values with unequal resources competewinners and losers groups struggle to have their own deffs of right and wrong deviance is neither normal nor inevitablethe source of deviance does not reside in the body or mind of person but rather int eh unequal relationships bw pplcritical theorists r involved in long term process of building resistance to transform existing structures of domination n inequalityValueNeutrality and Praxis Praxis as developed by Marx means combining knowledge with activismresearched aimed at analysis exposure and resistance to oppressive social structures and systems it is in itself both academic and politicalsoc scientist should study real nature of society to expose structure of domination n undermine the pervasive legitimating ideologiesseen as false cosciousness n illusions that sustain them note boundaries bw these theories are messyMARXIST CONFLICT THEORIES crime n devianceunimportant biproducts of the division of capitalist soc into owners of the means of production wage earners n those whose survival depends on crime or welfare Alienation Capitalism is alienating us from our natural relation to things around usproducts r more important than pplman working on assembly line feels no connection to the man beside him or the final product if man could be freed from economic need alienation would be overcomehigh alienation has been linked to deviance sucha as workplace violence sabotage and absenteeism
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