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SOC214 November 22nd Arat-Koc Reading

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Bonnie Fox

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AratKoc The Politics of Family and Immigration in the Subordination of Domestic Workers in CanadaSources of vulnerability for domestic workersDomestic work is under valuedDecline in the status of domestic workDomestic labour is invisible because its work products are either intangible or consumed very quicklyDomestic labour is performed in private so the value of its work cannot be recognized Economically domestic labour is invisible because it is not part of the capitalist productionPlace of home is a source of vulnerability for domestic workers that is because the home is a hazardous and stressful placeStress is typical for occupations that involve high demand and low control Domestic workers need to adjust their work schedules to meet everybodys demands very stressfulLabour of housewife is a lifelong marriage like commitmentDomestic labours very restricted in their ability to change employersoccupationForeign domestic workers conditions of loneliness and isolation are even worse due to racial cultural and linguistic barriersForeign domestic on temporary work permits who lack basic political rightsNeither a Wife Nor a Worker The Contradictions of the Domestic Workers StatusDomestic worker has ambiguous status neither a wife or a fullfledged worker with corresponding rights and privilegesExperiences worst aspects of the p
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