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SOC214 November 22nd Luxton Reading

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Bonnie Fox

Family Coping Strategies Balancing Paid Employment and Domestic Labour Meg LuxtonWhat alternatives do Canadians have for handling the responsibilities of employment and family when both adults are employedLabour of social reproduction ensures the survival of both individuals and the society as a wholeBoth parents usually have to work because it is nearly impossible to make ends meet if they dont Nearly impossible to deal with childcare arrangementsExample if one quits work she could stay at home and look after kids but then wouldnt have enough to pay the bills or if they both work childcare is too expensive and costs almost one of the adults salaries family friendly policies usually apply to women not men because assumption that men dont have to deal with family responsibilities Companies try to create family friendly policies to help families juggle the responsibilities of work and familyWomen going into workforce has made it harder for families to juggle domestic responsibilities Assumption by Canadian government that childcare
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