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Bonnie Fox

Kinship and FamiliesDescribe the complexities common to stepfamilies what challenges do the adults and children in them face How are these families different than other families Do you see advantage in themNumber stepfamilies in North America has rapidly increased over the last 30 yearsChallenge facing stepfamilies they lack recognition and legitimacy Nuclear family is still recognized as the ideal for all families even though it is now only a minorityStigmatizing and the lack of agreement about what to call stepfamilies highlights their ambiguous presence in our societyThey are incompletely institutionalized which means that there are very few norms to help them know how to interact and developMost common type of stepfamily is the stepfather stepfamily where a stepfather lives with a woman and her children from a prior relationshipEarly adolescent children had the most difficult adjusting to their parents repartnering and their relationships with stepparents were more conflictedDifference between past and present stepfamilies is that the ones in the past were a result of a parents death today they are the result of divorceChildren from stepfamilies are portrayed as less stable and less better offWomen with higher education and better occupation tend to remarry less than women with lower education and occupationMost divorced people remarry fairly rapidly within first 3 yearsOne reason why remarriage is so high is that men and women lose their family through divorce and they seek to fill this gap quicklyWomen conceptualize kinship
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