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Cohen ththy England and France in the 18 century couples living in Ontario in the 19 century built and sustained their families through hard daily work that featured mens and womens mutual dependence and complementary responsibilities y Patriarchal productive relations can be defined as the organization of labour in which males as husbands fathers etc have power over the productive activities of their children wives and sometimes their sisters and mothers y Agricultural sector the nonwaged labour of family members was the most important source of labour power y Ownership of the means of production determines the issue of who owns the products and hence decides how they are distributed y Only exceptional circumstances did women own the means of production Most part property was owned by the male head of the familyy Wives and children were the proletariat of the family farm workers whose labour was rewarded according to the food fortune or goodwill of the owner y Male control over labour was established through the power of ownership y Until the father died or gave his property away he exerted considerable control over his childrens labour But male and female children were treated differently particularly with regard to their ultimate relationship to propertyy Until 1859 married women in English Canada had no right to property in their own name y Price of protection was the loss of independence of action and of ownership and legal control over the products of a womans labour y Anything a woman might produce sell or earn through her labour was legally the property of her husband and she could not use or dispose of it without his approval
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