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Notes on Reading about "Transnational Families" from Servants of Globalization

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Bonnie Fox

Pg 81difference between transnational households in the past and presentWhile splithouseholds in earlier migrant communities were homogeneous and composed primarily of a male incomeproducer living apart from female and young dependents in the sending country contemporary splithouseholds include incomeproducing women migrantsAdvancements in technology information about family members can be received instantaneously and money can be transferred to urban centers of Third World countries within twentyfour hoursMigrants are only able to form transnational households because of cultural resources that instill collectivism in the familyPg 82Migrant parents rely on extended family networks for the care of the children whom they send back or leave behindThe maintenance of transnational households ensures the maximization of income and the accumulation of savings and property and through the transfer of childcare promotes and strengthens extended kin tiesPg 85Suggests the reconfiguration of gender division of labor in familiesDo husbands and fathers left behind in the Philippines nurture the children under carePg 87The contradiction of caring for someone elses children while not caring for your ownPg 88The
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