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Bonnie Fox

Margolis y Rise of new ideas about childhood and motherhood in the changes occurring in thhouseholds and thus family life in the 19 century as an economy based on household production gave way to an industrialcapitalist society y Erosion of family economy which not only provided women with a critical productive role but also allowed both parents to train their children for adulthood established the context for new definitions of womens role and parenting thy Not until the 19 century child development and well being come to be viewed as the major responsibility of his or her mother y One of principal factors have influenced the middle class mothers role and the ideology surrounding it is the decline of domestic production thy Early 19 cent Manufacturing left the home for the factory middle class women found themselves freed up to spend more time on childcare y Daily presence or absence of men in the home also shaped the American definition of motherhood y During colonial times when men women and children all worked together in or near the household there were no firm distinctions in parental responsibilitiesy It was the duty of both parents to rear their children y Household size and its contacts with the outside world have also influenced the mother role thy Prior to 19 cent when most households were larger than the nuclear family when they consisted of more people than just a married couple and their children presence of other adults who could take a hand in child care diluted maternal responsibility thy Emphasis on motherhood in the 19 cent increased as fer
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