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Immigration History - Japanese (reading)

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Eric Fong

SOC218 Readings Immigration HistoryJapanese NOTE article is very biased and repetitiveSansei third generation and largest group in present JapaneseCanadian communitymore actively involved in communitywide institutions than in ones in the JapaneseCanadian community Social Mobility The Sansei Style Tomoko MakabeSansei64 individuals 36 men and 28 womenrd All 3 generation Japanese CanadiansLived in predominantly Caucasian neighbourhoods 84 residing in homes owned by themselves All went to school and grew up in the Canadian communityAll gainfully employed in fulltime jobs A few are professional mothers One with no occupational title taking break from employment No students in group Group as whole more fully employed than general population at time Middle class although a few insisted referring to self as lower side of middle class Striving to attain higher social status than achieved in a relaxed mannerOccupations that were not held by fathers fishermen plumbersMajority in 30s or 40s in middle ranking management positions Occupy relatively secure economic positions and more favourable than parents Sansei form an extremely well educated group o Average number of years of education162 university degree Both men and women are alike in educational pursuits o Slightly higher educational level achieved in Quebec and Southern
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