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Immigration History - Koreans (reading)

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Eric Fong

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SOC218 Readings Immigration HistoryKoreans Residential Segregation and Racial Inequality Koreans and the Japanese Joe T DardenKoreans A Demographic and Socioeconomic Characteristics Very recent history in Canada o 1996 28255 Koreans in Toronto Census Metropolitan Area CMA 07 of total CMA population1948TaeYon Whang first recorded Korean to settle permanently in Canada o Mission sponsored medical intern who opted to remain in Toronto after medical training Student turned immigrant o Other Korean students changed status from visa student to immigrantA limited number of independent immigrants settled in Toronto in the late 1960s and early 1970s following the change in Canadas racially restrictive immigration policy o Most often of North Korean origino Later on immigrants included every denominationstudents visitors and temporary workers who became permanent residentso By 1966 100 Koreans settled in Toronto A year later it doubledBased on Christina missionary correspondence there are no records of immigration prior to 1966Recently South Korea has been among top ten source countries for all classes of immigrants to Canada Most immigrants were highly educated
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