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Immigration History - Vietnamese (reading)

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Eric Fong

SOC218 Readings Immigration HistoryVietnamese Patchworking Households in the Economy Nazil KibriaVietnamese feelings of euphoria when arrived in USexcitement of being in country with material prosperity and personal freedomo Confirmed with abundance of food and other gods at stores o Initial elation soon dwindledanxieties about building new life and regaining middle class status lost in years after 1975o Immigration as ongoing struggletried to regain their losses from migrationBig contrast from communist Vietnamgreater economic freedom could engage in business activities Alternatively some felt problems in communist Vietnam were replaced with financial worries o There I worried about the Communists here I worry about money and the childreno We have a lot of freedom here but were not free because of moneyUS infinite need for consumer itemsmaterialistic compared to VietnamDiscrimination felt as outsiders among white and in relation to other minority groups o Unable to get jobs Less discrimination in Vietnam o In response channelled efforts to attain middle class status in other directions Education of the youngexpected share in rewards it would bring in the future Could effectively achieve acceptance and prosperity they were unable toAcquire consumer goodssymbolized middle class status and reflected significance compared to Vietnam had more here Signified transition from newcomerveteranestablished immigrant Some found this materialism as disparagedPractical functionsallowed them to learn English watch Vietnamese movies ease feelings of cultural alienation attachment of home ownership Home ownership and other materialistic items provided them a feeling of prosperity stability and integration into the economic mainstream of US society PatchworkingPooling of resources within domestic groups and networks to be common response to conditions of economic scarcity and uncertainty for disadvantaged communities o Sharing within household or coresidential unit o Central economic practices by Vietnamese AmericansPoolingcurrency patchworking better termPatchworking presents an image of jagged pieces of assorted material stitched together in sometimes haphazard and uncalculated fashiono Bringing and sharing of disparate resources Merging of many different kinds of resourceso Conveys the often uneven and unplanned quality of members contributions to the household economy Variationso Larger households as valuable for economically disadvantaged groups Greater number of labour force participantshigher wage earning capacity
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