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Normal Rubbishdont think its important for the exam Maybe only skimThis paper describes typifications of good and bad patients made by staff working in 3 English hospitalsCasualty departments recognized as one of the most problematic areas of the NHS Doctors dont want to work there poor working conditions or absence of a career structureand those that do are considered of poorer qualityTypifications of patientsother research has shown that moral evaluation of patients seems to be a regular feature of medical settings and that social and moral evaluations are important for the treatment gien to patients defined as overdoses and those defined as drunk or durgdependentin general two broad categories were used to evaluate patients good or interesting and bad or rubbishGood patientsgood patients were decribed almost entirely in terms of their medical characteristics either in terms of the symptoms or the causes of the injurygood cases were head injuries or cardiac arrests or a stovein chest or they were Road traffic accidentsthere were 3 broad criteria by which patients were seen to be good and each related to medical consideration1 they allowed the doctor to practice skills necessary for passing professional exmainations2 if they allowed staff to practice their chosen specialty3 if they tested the general competence and maturity of the staff ex Patients who came in requiring life or death decisions or if the patient stretched the resources of the departmentRubbishwhile the category of the
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