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Misconceptions and Misapprehensions about Population Ageing Summary

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Markus Schafer

MISCONCEPTIONS AND MISAPPREHENSIONS ABOUT POPULATION AGEINGthe last decade has seen the emergence of neoliberal policies and a parallel dismantling of the public provision of health and social services and programmes in most western countriesthis neoliberalism represents an endorsement of the primacy of the indvl and hisher efforts to ensure hisher own wellbeing and a corresponding deemphasis of conceptualization of and commitments to shared risk rights of citizenship and the common good population ageing has played a fundamental role in this transition the public costs of population ageingparticularly regarding HC and pensionsare purported to be unsustainable wout considerable welfare state reformreform is of course a process and it has taken differing shapes in various western countriesthis article focuses on NA and Canada and examining the links bw reform and misperceptions about population ageing this paper seeks to deconstruct the misperception that pop ageing is necessarily the social crisissocial problem that it is commonly believed to be this will be done by illuminating untested and sometimes clearly wrong assumptions Dimensions of population ageing as crisis thinking as a preface it is useful to recognize the historical precedence for demographic scapegoating the blaming of social illsproblems on demographic phenomena y Sim to the witchhuntblaming certain problems on certain groupsy In particular blaming social problems or problems in the world on the elderlyy The fact that the govt doesnt have enough money or is in debtby blaming the debt problem on the elderly gives the govt a legit reason to raise taxeswe have to compensate for the old ppl spending your money by raising your taxes two examples of demographic alarmism 1 the eugenics movement that focused on reproductive control as a way to preserve and improve the white race y In Canada attempts were made to lower the fertility of nonwhites and less socially desirable whites eastern Europeansre removing ovaries sterilizing men and women y The forced sterilization of ppl deemed to be unfita large number of whom were of aboriginal descenty Coupled w the neg views about the higher fertility of the nonanglo origin pop were concerns about the unsuitability of immigrants of nonwestern European origins concerns that culminated in the passing of the Oriental Exclusion Act in the 1920s y As NA was wrought w the social and economic changes associated w industrialization and modernization fertility and migration were being used in an attempt to preserve an earlier version of soc2 the formulation of the population bomb in the decades following WWII
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